Raymond Q. Holmes, The Conscious World Initiative

I can say with confidence that it is very rare to employ a multi-executive talent like Ms. Antionetta Kelley.  I've worked with Ms. Kelley on several grant filing projects and subsequent submittals.  Ms. Kelley is highly competent, consistent, and extremely accurate in her ability to organize, draft, write, integrate, summarize, and edit very complex legal text and documents.  She's super at writing executive level correspondence.  Ms. Kelley is 100% on-time with time-sensitive filing deadlines.  I have the utmost trust and confidence in Ms. Kelley's abilities to work independently with minimal supervision.  She has a wide range of knowledge in the Federal and Private Sector Grant industry. As a CEO, working with Ms. Kelley gives me a level of confidence and satisfaction in which I know that she will make the right decisions based on me providing her with minimal direction.  Ms. Kelley has truly demonstrated a heightened abilities to focus keenly on the details of multiple-page documents and executive correspondence and extract the multi-layered submitter requirements which at times are hidden in the fold of complicated language and text.  Best of all, Ms. Kelley is super in prioritizing and facilitating the crucial flow of executive level communications via cell-phone, text, email, voicemail, and live-stream media to facilitate interim and final decisions between organizational principles and officers.  This ensures our ability to stay in the loop and make accurate and timely decisions.  As you may imagine, our organization sees Ms. Kelley as our number one - 'Go To' professional among outside consultants.

Raymond Q. Holmes, President & CEO

The Conscious World Initiative (TCWI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.   


Dr. John Monroe, Jr., Creative Pathways Incorporated

Ms. Kelley is sharp, hardworking, and extremely professional. I entrusted her with helping me coordinate a certification application, which required a thorough understanding of federal and state regulations as well as the ability to draft policies and procedures in line with such regs. Ms. Kelley went above and beyond to conduct research, write new policies and edit existing ones. I have no doubt that my application will pass the review committee with flying colors. Ms. Kelley’s skill-set is versatile and she is a true asset to my team. I will continue to work with her in the future.

Dr. John L. Monroe, Jr., President & CEO

Creative Pathways Incorporated (CPI), a community-based mental health agency