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Who We Are

The Write Consulting Group serves entities and individuals seeking to secure funding to support their business development, programming, and/or educational goals. Our clients include non-profit organizations, for-profit corporations, government consultants, and prospective/existing undergraduate and graduate school students. 


Why Choose Us?

Fundraising is perhaps thee most critical element for any type of business. Without adequate and ongoing funding, CEOs would not have the capacity to sustain their operations. The importance of fundraising simply cannot be ignored as it affords the ability to execute missions and objectives. As vital as it is, proposal writing can be very daunting and tedious as it requires time, energy, and patience. Understanding the challenges that come with development endeavors, we diligently cater to each of our clients' needs. Our success is your success and we are happy to take the stress off of your plate! Call us today.


About the Founder

The Write Consulting Group is owned and operated by Antionetta Kelley. A product of public education and public housing, Ms. Kelley removed barriers for herself when she managed to attain full scholarships to attend Smith College (undergrad) and The Harvard Graduate School of Education (grad) through her skillful writing abilities on competitive scholarship applications. To-date, Ms. Kelley has helped a variety of organizations secure close to $1 million dollars in funding. Ms. Kelley considers writing to be her passion and gift.  

Past and Present Clients



We offer affordable hourly and monthly retainer options. 

Non-profits receive a special discount. 

For a free consultation, contact us directly at 

(202) 569-8628 or antionetta@thewriteconsulting.com